Enriching the groundwater level

Our Watershed Development Programme has been in place since 2006 in association with NABARD. Till date several villages have been supported under this project.

Six watershed development projects are currently in operation.

The project aims at soil conservation and increase in the ground water level; increasing agricultural production, productivity of land, afforestation and environmental protection. MSSVP has adapted methods such as check dams, plantation, grass seeding, stone outlets etc for successful development of watershed development in this region.

The programme is successfully operational in couple of districts such as Lalati-Ghuttrapara, Taragi- Bhandardand and Boda-Jaradih in Batauli block, Rakeli-Nawanagar and Karra-Pondikala in Ambikapur Block of Surguja district and Damagarh-Amera in Kawardha district.

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