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donateManav Sansadhan Sanskriti Vikas Parishad (MSSVP) was founded 20 years ago. We work with the tribals, marginalized and deprived communities fight along with them for their right to equality, secularization, social justice and economic empowerment. With our various projects and missions we were able to instil confidence in the communities we work with. Our results on the field has further strengthened our resolve to work better.

Our work involves us in Health, Education, Livelihood and, Land & Water Management.

The programmes initiated by us have evolved into a strong base for people’s empowerment and livelihood. Our work has been appreciated by our funding partners and the communities we work with.


“An equal and just society where the vulnerable and marginalized sections effectively participate in the social development process leading to control over their resources.”


“Strengthening of vulnerable groups around the issues of gender equity, and social justice through promotion of participatory principles and practices thereby enabling them to articulate their needs and making access and control over resources.”


  • Promote health and nutritional behavioral changes in the community
  • Mobilize women and youth groups towards income generation and micro credit activities
  • Enhance the knowledge of the community and other stakeholders
  • Spread awareness and advocacy for basic rights of marginalised section of the society
  • Provide an opportunity for tribal women to share issues and concerns with policymakers
  • Livelihood opportunities in rural areas


MSSVP believes in three concepts and values

1. Bare-foot model
2. Gram Swaraj (Village self-reliance)
3. Indigenous model, identifying remnants of positive local community based traditions

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